Her Husband Spent $10K On A Surprise Vacation, And She Is Fuming. Does She Have a Point?

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Booking a surprise vacation for a loved one is usually something that goes down well and is very much appreciated. It’s a thoughtful gift, and most people like going away, right? Well, apparently not, according to a 38-year-old woman on Reddit. 

Her husband recently forked out thousands of dollars on a trip to Jamaica without her knowledge, and she is furious about it. Let’s find out why.

A Trip of a Lifetime?

The original poster (OP) explains that her husband booked a $10,000 vacation package in 2020 for a three-night stay in a Sandals resort in Jamaica. He has paid $2500 already, and they are supposed to go in December. Despite booking it three years ago, she has only just found out about it. 

OP’s husband is saying that he has booked the trip as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their 20th wedding anniversary. However, she says that it’s actually purely for him as she isn’t a fan of traveling at all. In fact, the idea of it gives her major anxiety, and she can’t relax. 

Least Favorite Travel Destination 

On top of that, OP’s least favorite travel destination is the beach which isn’t exactly ideal when you’ve got a $10,000 trip to Jamaica on the cards. Even if she did like traveling, though, she says that the idea of spending that much money on a three-day trip is sickening and a complete waste of money. 

Cut Their Losses 

She thinks they’d be better off spending the money elsewhere and wants to cut their losses, cancel the trip, and save the $7500 that is still left to pay. Her husband says that he will cancel it if she wants, but she is well aware that he would absolutely hate to do that in reality. 

OP says that she has spoken to her friends and family about it, and they think she should just be happy about the trip and go, but she can’t get her head around the fact that he made such a huge decision without asking her for her preferences. 

Taking to the forum, she wanted to know whether she should just give in and go on the trip or if she should stick to her gut and cancel the trip. 

Red Flags Galore

Out of the hundreds of people who engaged with the story, almost everyone believed that OP was right to be angry. The majority of people believed that the sheer cost of the trip was a big enough reason to cancel. One person said:

“$10,000 should include the plane fare, excellent lodging, and dining, and I think two weeks somewhere you both really enjoy. Not two nights and no transportation. Where you hate the beach.”

He’s Getting Scammed

Other users believed that there was a legitimate possibility that OP’s husband had been scammed, given the cost. One person said: 

“He’s getting scammed, don’t give in. The number of tropical beach vacations in the Caribbean you could actually take for $10,000 could be many if he knew how to budget and didn’t fall for overpriced resort packages.”

Others focused on the manipulation side of things rather than the numbers. One Redditor said: “This is so manipulative and destructive, and it’s such a huge problem that he spent so much money without consulting you in order to pressure you into going on a vacation you didn’t want to go on.”

How Would You Feel? 

How would you feel if someone booked a surprise trip for you that involved going somewhere that you didn’t want to go? Would you cancel the trip or just go anyway? Let us know in the comments. 

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