Husband Plans on Buying Wife an Expensive Gift She Doesn’t Even Want. Is He Being Thoughtful or Crazy?

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Medical residency is a grueling period of time for any aspiring medical professional. The benefits of it are only found years down the line, which can be mentally challenging for all involved. A Reddit user’s wife is about to start her medical residency, and he wants to buy her a gift to give her a boost before she starts. 

On the one hand, he wants to buy her a luxurious vacation so she can have a couple of weeks of pure relaxation before she starts, while on the other, he thinks a new car would go down well. Taking to Reddit, he wanted to find out what other people thought would buy their partner if they were in his position. 

Vacation or Car?

The original poster (OP) explains that his 37-year-old, who has presumably retrained as a medical professional, is set to have a very busy seven years, so he wants to make sure he buys her something memorable. 

One vacation destination that he has in mind is Bora Bora. The island is a luxury destination in French Polynesia, which is popular with tourists all over the world. It is famed for its tranquil scenery and stunning beaches. 

The Other Option

The other option he is considering is buying her a new car. His wife has always been keen on one particular car, and he wants to surprise her with it. 

The difference in cost between the two gifts is around $60k as the car is quite an expensive model. However, he thinks she would probably enjoy a vacation more as she is an “experience over stuff” kind of girl. 

After asking for advice from an online community, here is what he was told:

Mixed messages

One user suggested that due to the cost and importance of the gift, he should take away the surprise element and ask her which one she would prefer. They said: 

“Honestly, this is big enough that she should be the one to consult with. Let the surprise be the option. Ask her to help you out by picking what she wants, and you will handle the rest.”

Another person agreed, saying: “This is a big enough choice that I think ruining the surprise and asking her which she’d prefer is the best option. Even if you have a lot of money, nobody wants to waste it on something their partner doesn’t really want.”

Other people were more definitive in their responses. One person said that OP should “definitely” choose the vacation because “it will be a long time before you get another one.” Meanwhile, another commenter said: “I would rather have a beach vacation. That sounds fun.”

Keep The Surprise

Finally, one user suggested a way for OP to keep the surprise while still giving his wife a choice. Explaining how he could go about doing this, they said:

“I’d take her to rest, drive the car, and then tell her, Hey, I didn’t want to make this decision without you- but I wanted to get you this car or a Bora Bora vacation for your residency. What do you think?”

What Would You Do? 

What would you get your wife as a present if you were in OP’s position? Is a vacation always the best gift idea for people who need a period of relaxation? 

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