10 Things That Women Think Men Find Attractive But They Absolutely Hate

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The world of dating is a minefield, and a lot of the time, you can find yourself second-guessing about what the person you are interested in might be after. Thanks to Reddit, though, men have been opening up about the things that women do that turn them off the most. Here are the ten best responses:

1. Lying About Interests

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One person said that women who lie to try and impress them could become frustrating later down the line. They said: “If you don’t like watching football, then don’t put in your dating profile that you like watching football because you think that’s what guys like.”

2. Playing Hard to Get

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One user said that playing hard to get is something that doesn’t work with men. He explained why: “Ladies if you say you’re not interested, I will believe you and leave.”

3. Trying to Make Them Jealous

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Another person said that when girls go out of their way to make someone they are interested in jealous, it just pushes them away. They said: “Don’t try and make us jealous – all that does is make us sad.”

4. Acting Dumb

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Pretending to be stupid has often been something that girls have done to try and make guys laugh and like them. However, that is now something that doesn’t work. One person said: “There is no need for women to embarrass themselves by pretending to be idiots.”

5. Using Filters

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One user mentioned the filters that girls often use on Instagram. They said: “Those Instagram filters that make your nose smaller and your eyes bigger. It doesn’t make you seem attractive; it makes you seem like you have a reason to hide your face. It’s the 2019 version of a brown paper bag on your head.”

6. Long Nails

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One person said that long nails were a particular turn-off for him. He said: “Crazy long ass fingernails. I don’t care if they’re real, fake, purple, blue, sparkly, bedazzled, whatever, have reasonable fingernails.”

7. Baby Talk

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Some girls may be guilty of talking in a babyish voice when talking to someone they are dating. One person said this was an instant turn-off, though. He said: “I can’t stand it when girls use a ‘little’ kid voice or do baby talk during a conversation.”

8. Angled Photos

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Taking photos from deceptive angles was a popular answer among those on the thread. One user said: “Taking your online photos from above to hide your body shape. This is not a good thing to do. Be who you are.”

9. Going Over the Top

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One user said that he didn’t like girls who constantly felt like they had to wear their best clothes every day. He said: “Don’t get me wrong, a girl in a good outfit is a great sight. But I also equally love girls who walk around in very casual clothes. It’s super attractive.”

10. Excessive Makeup

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One user commented on how excessive makeup makes it difficult to know what women actually look like. They said: “Overdone-up women are a distraction, and it puts me off. You never know if they’re anywhere near that good-looking underneath.”

(Source: Reddit.)

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