Her Husband Expects Her To Cook Every Single Day, But They Split The Bills 50/50. Is That Unfair?

woman in the kitchen cooking
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When you’re in a relationship with someone and live together, certain household responsibilities naturally fall on one of you while others fall on the other. In time, you may realize you are doing more than the other person, and an adjustment is needed.

Expressing Concern

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A Reddit user has recently expressed concern about how her husband has become very expectant of her in relation to cooking duties. Here is everything that’s gone down and her plans to redistribute the household chores. 

The Situation

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The original poster (OP) started off by explaining that both she and her husband work full time, so she believes that all household responsibilities should be split evenly, as they split all the bills 50/50. 

A Typical Day

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On a typical day, OP will return from work later than her husband; however, he still expects her to cook dinner for both of them every night. If she refuses, he will ignore her and either just not eat all night or buy food for himself. When this happens, OP still has to get up and make food for herself as he won’t buy food for both of them. 

Not A “Traditional Wife”

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OP doesn’t think this is right, and she doesn’t care if it’s seen as a “traditional wife” thing to do because things should be split evenly, particularly when she gets in later than him, and also because some nights she doesn’t even know what to make. 

She Hates Cooking

woman in the kitchen cooking
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For several years now, she has made it clear that she doesn’t enjoy cooking, yet nothing has changed, but she now thinks the time is right to make a change. She doesn’t want to succumb to buying take-out every night but instead wants to find a compromise that benefits her and her husband. 

Asking For Help

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At the end of the post, she asked Reddit community members to provide her with suggestions to take to her husband so they could find an amicable solution. Here is what she was recommended. 

Time to Put Her Foot Down

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One user told OP a few home truths about her husband that she perhaps needed to hear. They said: “He’s being sexist and hypocritical, but it’s also important to note that the silent treatment is emotionally abusive and has no place in a healthy, happy relationship. Withholding basic interaction because he’s upset with you is cruel, and if he respected you, he wouldn’t ignore you out of spite.”

Let Him Sulk

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In terms of advice, one Redditor said: “Let him sulk like the immature man-child he is and go make yourself dinner in peace. Honestly, I would never cook for him until he apologizes and learns to, say the very least, help you cook.”

He Needs To Do His Part

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Meanwhile, another person turned the whole “traditional” argument on its head. They said: “If he wants a “traditional” wife, then he needs to do his part, which means financially supporting his wife and family with only him working.”

What Would You Do?

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How would you react if your husband expected you to cook dinner every night while you got nothing in return? How would you put your foot down? Let us know in the comments. 

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