The 8 Worst Pieces of Advice Parents Give Kids

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Being a parent is hard, with each day bringing new challenges regardless of how old your kids are and what their personalities are like. While we all do our best to give the best advice, sometimes we are all guilty of saying things that, in hindsight, don’t sound too great. Recently, people have been revealing the worst pieces of advice they’ve either received from their parents or given to their kids over the years. Below are the eight best responses. 

1. Don’t Stand Up For Yourself

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One person said that the worst piece of advice they’ve ever been given was to basically not stand up for themselves in hostile situations. They said: “I was told, “If someone’s being mean or accusing you of something, just ignore them.” No. If someone is being annoying, sure, just ignore them. But if someone’s being mean to you, stand up for yourself.”

2. Sticking Around For Financial Reasons

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One user said that they were once told by their parents to stay in a job because it paid well, even though it made them unhappy. They said: “I once stayed in a job that made me utterly miserable solely because it “paid the bills.” For the record, I ended up getting fired because they could tell I just wasn’t into it.”

3. Family > friends

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One user said that they were told that “friendships are less important than family because apparently if someone is not related to you by blood, there is a 100% chance that they don’t care about you.” They added that this advice only resulted in them having “huge trust issues that complicated a lot of things.”

4. School Grades Are Everything

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One Redditor was once told that “grades are all that matters” and that “everything else is unimportant.” This resulted in them not being allowed to socialize with anyone outside of school, which had a hugely negative impact on their mental health. 

5. Dating Someone Based On Your Parent’s Recommendation

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One person was told that “It would make us really happy if you married girl B and not girl A. She’s such a sweet girl.” In the end, this resulted in him losing out on the love of his life, something he has regretted ever since.

6. Put Others Over Yourself

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One person said that their religious parents had enforced the idea that “God first, family second, you last.” Over time, they have realized how wrong this is and that “there is nothing on this god-forsaken planet more important than your own mental health.”

7. Never Get a Credit Card

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This may be controversial, given that credit card reliance can lead you down a route of debt. However, one user made a very good point in relation to credit cards – they said: “I was told never to get a credit card by my parents, and now, my credit sucks; why? No credit card.”

8. Don’t Use the Internet For Homework

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One user recalled the time they were once told not to use the internet to help with homework. They said: “I don’t know why – it saves so much time, and if I don’t understand a topic, it actually helps me to learn.”

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