10 Things That Haven’t Recovered Since COVID-19

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When Covid-19 swept across the entire planet in 2020 and 2021, many things were impacted, including sports, travel, and shopping. While some things have returned to normal, others have yet to recover fully and may never. 

recent forum thread revealed ten things that have never been the same again since the pandemic. Here they are:

1. Opening Hours

Opening hours
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Many places went to reduced hours, at best, during the pandemic. Unfortunately, some of these places have never been able to revert to their old hours. One person said: “A couple of restaurants near me closed their dining room and went to takeout only, and they’ve stayed that way.”

2. Doctor Availability

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One user said getting an appointment with a doctor is still virtually impossible. They said: “I legit do not understand how the doctor-patient relationship is supposed to work in 2023.”

3. Student Libraries

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One student said that they miss libraries being open for 24 hours. They said: “The latest the libraries are kept open is until midnight, and only 6 pm on Saturdays. The only place I can study all night is my dorm lounge (often not very quiet) or my room.”

4. The Price of Groceries

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Despite politicians saying otherwise, the prices of groceries are yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. One person said: “It just started hitting me that cost of living will only go up. These prices are locked in now.”

5. Measurement of Time

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One thing that has become difficult to manage for many people since the pandemic is the concept of time. One user said: “For many people, the two years covid lasted was like time was put on pause.”

6. Vet Procedures

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One dog owner said that the way vet appointments work is still completely different from how they worked in 2019. They said: “My dog’s vet doesn’t allow us in the clinic. They are still practicing curb-side drop-off.”

7. Teaching

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A teacher in the thread said that life has become so much harder for teachers since the pandemic and that they can’t see it changing any time soon. They said: “The students are worse. They are 1-2 years behind with both knowledge and socialization. Attention spans are shorter and phones are a major problem.”

8. Mental Health

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One Redditor suggested that their mental health is still recovering due to the impact of the pandemic on their life. They said: “There was such a big push at the end to move on and put it behind us; we are still unraveling all the mental damage.”

9. The Urge to Leave the House

Leaving the House
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One person said that they were wholly comfortable just staying inside their house nowadays. They said: “Before covid, I had to go to a mall or someplace each weekend; now, I barely leave the house.”

10. Weight

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One user said they have struggled with their weight ever since the pandemic because there was nothing to do except eat. They said: “I have important events come and go where I told myself six months prior that I would be in shape for them. Then it just doesn’t happen, and another event goes by where I’m thinking the whole time, this would have been much more enjoyable if I wasn’t so fat.”

Source: Reddit.

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