8 of the Biggest Lies Ever Told

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Throughout your life, you will be told various things by various people. Some things will help you on your way and educate you, while other things will be straight-up lies that do very little for you. 

Despite that, specific lies will keep cropping up repeatedly, which doesn’t do you any good and complicates certain situations. Here are eight of the biggest lies currently in circulation. 

1. “Your Call is Important to Us.”

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One user said they are fed up with companies telling them their “call is important” while being put on hold for hours. They said: “I’m tired of every company treating everyone like they’re the most important thing in the world. I know my call isn’t important; tell me where in the queue I am!”

2. “I’ll Be There in a Minute.”

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Everyone has that one friend who says they’ll be ready “in a minute” before failing to show up for the next hour. If you haven’t, then perhaps you are that friend. One user said: “That’s code for “I’m getting ready to leave now, should be out the door in about 30.”

3. “I Have Read and Agree to the Terms of Service.”

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One of the most popular answers came from someone who said effectively said that anyone who claims to have read the Ts and Cs when signing up for something is a liar. They said: “What we mean is “I agree to whatever this says because they are generally all nearly the same, it’s required to continue, and anything really unusual I could be agreeing to wouldn’t be enforceable anyway.”

4. “I’m Not Falling Asleep I’m Just Resting My Eyes.”

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This one may even be a lie you tell yourself when you sit down to watch a movie and find yourself drifting off. One user said: “I have cultivated the habit of yelling, “I’m awake!” after awakening from an unexpected daytime snooze. I have no idea why, as it fools no one.”

5. “I’ll Remember This; I Don’t Need to Write it Down.”

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One user suggested that people should stop kidding themselves when remembering important information. They said: “Past me thinks he is very clever about the answers he makes for secret questions on sign-ups. Future me is never amused or remembers.”

6. “Sorry for the Mess.”

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One user said they could see right through those people who claim their house is messy despite having recently cleaned it. They said, “When you visit someone, say, “Oh, sorry for the mess!” Even though they have just cleaned/straightened up like a freak on speed because it was so messy, and this is the cleanest it’s been in a LONG time.”

7. “I’m Fine.”

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One Redditor suggested that people should start being honest when people ask them how they are. They said: “Heard a man in the grocery store tonight answer the clerk’s ‘How are you today?’ with ‘Terrible. Everything is awful.’ Even if I were on fire, missing a thumb, and limping, I’d still answer, ‘Fine. How are you?'”

8. “Wow. That’s Crazy.”

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One person said that people who reply with “wow, that’s crazy” to a story someone tells are often just bored of the conversation. They said: “It’s never crazy; I just want you to stop talking already.”

Source: Reddit.

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