7 Interesting Reasons People Believe Aliens Exist

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There has been a lot of controversy around the question of “Are aliens real.” People have been arguing a lot about whether aliens are real. Some people think they exist, while others are not so sure. In a discussion forum, people came together to discuss why they thought aliens were real. Let’s explore their reasons.

1. Billions of Galaxies

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One person believes that aliens are real due to the sheer size of the universe. They commented, “Billions of galaxies with billions of stars and billions of planets. No way we’re alone.” Many other people agreed with the comments getting over 2,000 upvotes.

2. Life is Inevitable

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Another person believes that aliens exist because without life, then what is there? They commented, “Life is either inevitable or a fluke. I don’t think we’re so special.”

3. Common Sense

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Some believe that it is common sense that there are other life forms out there. One user argued, “Common sense tells us that it’s pretty much impossible that we’re alone.”

4. In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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One user commented, “Yes, but there are degrees to this – intelligent life is probably exceedingly rare. I’m starting to doubt there’s any other in our galaxy at the moment, and other galaxies are way too far away for us to ever detect.”

Another person agreed adding, “We’re not alone in the universe, we’re just alone in our solar system.”

5. I Saw One Myself

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Would you belive in aliens if you saw the space craft yourself? That happened to one of the users commenting on the forum. They said, “Yes, 10 years ago I seen a UFO close up. It was hovering maybe 50 ft above and 50ft away. Me and my friend both seen it at the same time and ran away to his car, we glanced up while getting away and it zoomed off like when you get a KO on super smash bros. It was frightening yet unbelievable. It definitely sparked our interest and we stayed out all night watching the sky in our small home town wondering if we could see it again.”

6. Just Because You Haven’t Seen Them Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Exist

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One person had a very interesting reason for why they believe aliens exist. They referenced history by saying, “Not long ago people didn’t believe in germs, because they couldn’t see them.”

7. Humans Are Self-Centered

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“It’s pretty self-centered of humanity to think they’re the only intelligent life in the universe. It’s unimaginably large. I’m certain intelligent life exists out there,” one user commented.

Do You Believe Aliens Exist

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Do you believe aliens exist? If not, do you think some of the arguments that people have presented have any credibility? Let us know in the comments below.

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