His Roommate Works From Home But Refuses To Collect His Packages When He Is Away. Should He Stop Letting Him Use His Car?

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When you live with someone else, there is a general acceptance that you will help each other with things such as tidying, cleaning, and taking each other’s parcels if the other is out. Regardless of whether you are best friends with the person you live with or if you are just mere acquaintances, these are the general basics of living with someone. 

Expressing Frustration

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A Reddit user recently expressed frustration at their housemate for what he has been doing with the user’s post when it arrives. Let’s find out whether the original poster has a point or not. 

Avoiding Porch Pirates

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The original poster (OP) is a male who lives in a two-person apartment with another guy. While his housemate works from home, OP works in the city, meaning that when his post arrives at the apartment, he is banking on his roommate to collect it. 

Parcel Collection

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Therefore, whenever OP is expecting a parcel, he will message his housemate to let him know it’s coming and ask if he can kindly take it inside for him. Whenever he asks, he says that he’ll do it. However, OP says that on 99% of occasions, the parcel will still be on the doorstep when he returns from work. 

OP says that he doesn’t get an excessive amount of parcels delivered to the apartment, so he doesn’t feel like he’s asking too much of his housemate to bring them inside on the rare occasion that he does have something delivered. 

He’s Not Too Busy

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OP says that it isn’t a case of his housemate being too busy with work because whenever a parcel is delivered for him, he will jump up straight away and go and get it regardless of whether he is working or not. Therefore, he thinks it’s simply because he’s lazy and doesn’t care about helping him out. 

He Doesn’t Want To Get Robbed

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While the area they live in isn’t rife for porch pirates, he is worried that something important will get robbed one day. He receives a lot of gifts from his family, and he would hate for someone to steal them purely because his housemate is too lazy to bring them in. 

Housemate Issue

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He’s brought the issue up with his housemate, and he’s retaliated by saying that he thinks OP is being too demanding to ask that of him. Taking to Reddit, he wanted to find out if he was being too demanding or if his request is/was fairly typical. 

A Two-Way Street

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The consensus amongst those who commented on the thread was that OP wasn’t overly demanding whatsoever. One person said: “It takes five seconds to grab and put a package by the door. Especially if he already agreed to do it?”

The Bare Minimum

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Another user responded to the story by saying: “OP’s roommate seems to subscribe to the whole ‘no one is obliged to be nice to anyone else’ thing. Sure, but life gets much better when people treat others well. Never mind the bare minimum stuff like this.”

He Lets His Roomate Use His Car

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Within the comments, OP added some extra information about their living arrangements. He said that he lets his housemate use his car for local errands, which prompted one user to say:  “OP, if your roommate doesn’t want to act like he’s in a community with you where you help each other, remove him from your insurance. Don’t let him drive your car. Let him know it’s just too much for you.”

Who Is At Fault?

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How would you feel if you let someone use your car but, in return, they couldn’t even bring in a few parcels for you occasionally? Let us know in the comments.

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