He disinvited his friend and his girlfriend from his birthday meal because of this crazy reason. Is this the overreaction of the century?

Needless to say, she didn't get a second date
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Organizing a birthday meal can be stressful, mainly if you are worried about ensuring your restaurant choice is suitable for all guests. This guy has recently been embroiled in some meal-related drama, resulting in him withdrawing an invite to one of his best mates and his new girlfriend. The reason? Read on to find out. 

Sushi or Nothing

The original poster (OP) explains that he has been organizing a birthday meal for his girlfriend next week and has decided to go to a sushi restaurant because that is her favorite type of food. 

One of the people OP has invited to the meal is his friend, Mike. Mike has recently started going out with someone new, so OP invited her along too. However, a few days after receiving the invitation, Mike asked if it would be possible to switch restaurants as his girlfriend doesn’t like sushi. 

No Longer Invited

Instead of explaining that sushi was his girlfriend’s favorite restaurant, OP threw his toys out of the pram and told Mike he was no longer invited.

OP says that Mike was surprised by this and said he would tell his girlfriend that the decision on the restaurant was already final. That didn’t satisfy OP, so he made it crystal clear to Mike that he was no longer invited, regardless of whether his girlfriend would accept sushi. 

Made The Right Call

OP believes that he had made the right call because he felt like Mike’s girlfriend was already acting like a diva before they’d even got to the restaurant, and he felt like she would be even worse once she arrived. 

Since the conversation, Mike has called OP a d**k and told the other invited couples about OP’s decision. After several days of reflection, OP wanted to know if he had acted like a d**k or if his reaction was warranted. Here is what his fellow Redditors had to say.

A View From Both Sides

The consensus among the comments was that OP had utterly overstepped the mark in his reaction.

Explaining why, one user said:“What a bizarre overreaction. The only cause of drama is you. It sounds like they weren’t sure if you were attached to the specific restaurant, so it would be worth saying that she’ll come if it happens to be a different place.

Plenty of Sympathy

Another user had plenty of sympathy for Mike’s girlfriend. He said: “OP is acting like she demanded her birthday cake when she just declined an invitation.”

However, others were with OP in this situation and felt Mike’s girlfriend had responded incorrectly to the sushi suggestion. One person said:  “You either say no thank you, I don’t like sushi, but next time I’d love to, or you suck it up and go and see if there is something you can try and eat at McDonald’s before or after.”

Has OP massively overreacted here, or is he justified to be so annoyed with his friend? Let us know what you make of the whole situation in the comments. 

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