He Cussed Out His Pregnant Sister-in-law Because of Her Outrageous Behavior. Whose Side Should The Family Take?

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Having family around for dinner should never be anything other than a pleasant experience. However, this one Reddit user (27M) recently experienced a dinner party nightmare when his younger brother (21M) and his pregnant girlfriend (19 F) came around for steak. If you think you’ve ever been to an awkward dinner party, then you making think differently after reading this. 

Invited Over For Dinner

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The original poster (OP) started by saying that his brother and girlfriend live with his parents as they currently can’t afford a place of their own. His brother had asked OP if they would come round for dinner because they wanted to catch up, so OP obliged as he didn’t see them often. 

Not A Fan Of Steak

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However, things turned south immediately after the pair entered his house. OP’s sister-in-law instantly started complaining about the smell of the steak he was making and said that it was going to make her sick. Although he thought this was a bit rude, OP gave her the benefit of the doubt and suggested alternatives to a steak he could make instead.

She Crossed The Line

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Despite giving her countless suggestions, she was adamant that she wanted Chinese, so OP’s brother went to the nearest mall to pick some up. Assuming that was the end of it, OP went to the restroom, and when he returned, he found his sister-in-law throwing the steak in the trash and spraying his house with perfume. 

He Cussed Her Out

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OP lost his head and argued with her, and when his brother returned from the mall, he kicked them both out. His brother wasn’t quite sure what had happened, so he argued back. All the while, his girlfriend stood next to him sobbing. 

Angry Parents

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In the aftermath, OP’s parents are mad at him for causing his brother’s girlfriend distress. They say he shouldn’t have yelled at her and kicked them out because she is just a teenager who is very hormonal at the moment due to pregnancy. 

Asking For Help

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Taking to Reddit, he wanted to know if he had stepped out of line and owed them an apology or if he was well within his rights to do what he did. 

A Matter of Immaturity 

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To OP’s delight, the comments section was flooded with people who had little sympathy for his sister-in-law and brother. One user said: “If they’re old enough to be parents, they’re old enough to act like adults.”

Someone else said that she had dealt with the situation in completely the wrong way and that OP was right to be angry. They said: “Her recourse if she couldn’t handle the smell was to go outside. Not throw someone’s steak away. She owes OP a steak and an apology.”

Alternative Explanations

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Another user offered a possible explanation as to why his parents were so mad at him. They said: “I bet the parents just wanted her out of their house for the night and are upset OP didn’t put up with her for a few more hours.”

What Do You Think?

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Should OP have dealt with this situation better, or would you have reacted in a similar manner if someone had come into your home and started throwing away your food? Let us know in the comments. 

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