The Car Brands Drivers Refuse to Purchase Again

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Buying a car is a big deal, and we all want to get it right. But sometimes, a car can be a lemon — that’s a clunker that just keeps causing trouble. We’ve been reading stories on an advice forum where drivers share the car brands they wouldn’t buy again. From breakdowns to lousy service, they’ve seen it all. So, we are here to share those stories, helping you think twice before you choose your next ride.

1. Grand Cherokee

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The vehicle regularly ranks high as one of the top SUV options available. Indeed, its range of features and extras has even led to it being labeled as a luxury vehicle. Yet, the Grand Cherokee shines in areas that go beyond the typical glitz and glam.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

According to the user, instead of enjoying it, they had many problems with it. The car needed to be repaired so often that it spent more time at the mechanic’s place than with them. Because of this bad experience, they’ve decided they won’t repurchase a Jeep.

2. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW)

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BMW is a big company in Germany that makes fancy cars and motorcycles, and you can find their main office in Munich. They started way back in 1916 making airplane engines and did that during both World Wars. Unlike other fancy car brands that only think about how comfy you are in the car, BMW has always tried to make cars that are fun to drive but also good for everyday stuff.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

They’re saying it costs a lot to buy and, whenever something breaks, it’s also costly to fix. Plus, they find it a huge headache to try and fix anything on the car alone. Because of these reasons, they’ve decided they don’t want to rebuy a BMW.

3. Audi

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Audi, a maker of high-end cars, is based in Ingolstadt in the German region of Bavaria. As a branch of the larger Volkswagen Group, Audi rolls out its vehicles from nine factories around the globe.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

This user says they only see older Audi cars around a little. They think it’s because these cars often break down in ways that are too pricey to fix. The user also mentions that their mechanic gets annoyed with Audis. Even minor fixes can cost a lot because of how the car is built — like removing the whole front bumper just to fix the radiator. That’s why they’ve decided not to rebuy an Audi.

4. Hyundai Motor Company

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Hyundai Motors, a global car company from South Korea, started in 1967 and has its main offices in Seoul. They have the largest car-making plant in one place, in Ulsan, South Korea, where they can make 1.6 million cars a year. Around 75,000 people work for Hyundai all over the world. You can buy Hyundai cars in 193 countries, and they have about 5,000 places to see and purchase their cars. As of last year, Hyundai was the third biggest car manufacturer in the world, after Toyota and Volkswagen.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

The user posted that they won’t repurchase this brand. They’ve noticed that all of their friends who have one have had problems with their cars. Even though Hyundai has a good warranty, which is like a promise to fix things if they break, it’s still really annoying to deal with all the repairs.

5. Mercedes-Benz

Coupe on Road
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Mercedes, often called Benz, is a brand known for its luxury and commercial vehicles, and it started back in 1926. The company is based in Stuttgart, in the German region of Baden-Württemberg. They’re famous for making cars that are not just good-looking but also drive well, which is why many people who want a fancy car go for Mercedes.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

They don’t want to rebuy a Mercedes. They think the cars are too complex with too many things that could break. The user admits that Mercedes cars are mostly built well, and you can work on many parts by yourself. But they feel like Mercedes cars have twice as many finicky parts as they need. They give examples like the air suspension system, which has many extra parts like level sensors, pumps, and air bladders that could all stop working. Another example is the power-adjustable headrests; they’re nice to have, but the motor in them might break down eventually.

6. Volkswagen

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This car company from Germany has its main office in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, and was founded in 1937. Famous for the classic Beetle, it stands as the leading brand of the Volkswagen Group, which was the top-selling carmaker in the world in 2016 and 2017. The biggest customers for this group are in China, where they make 40 percent of their sales and profits.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

They don’t want this car brand because it costs too much money to repair when it gets broken.

7. Dodge

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This is a car brand from America, part of the Stellantis North America company, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Known for making cars that pack a punch, Dodge has often been positioned as the mid-range option in the Chrysler lineup, offering more than the more affordable Plymouth brand.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

According to the post, they owned three Dodge cars, but they wanted more quality. They’ve decided they won’t buy another Dodge because they don’t think the cars are made well enough.

8. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd

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Commonly known as Nissan, a well-known car maker from Japan, it has its main office in Yokohama, within the Kanagawa Prefecture. The brand offers a range of carefully crafted vehicles that bring contemporary Japanese luxury to customers worldwide.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

The user had two Nissans and could have been more impressed. In one, they found bits of the car’s inside finish just tossed in the trunk, and the other had a door that wasn’t secure. They feel like Nissans could be made better.

9. Mazda Motor Corporation

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Simply known as Mazda, a global automobile producer from Japan it is based in Fuchū, Hiroshima. Established on January 30, 1920, it has made its mark in the auto industry. In 2020, Top Gear Philippines gave the Mazda CX-30 the prestigious title of Car of the Year, along with an Editor’s Choice award. Additionally, the Mazda3 Sportback earned the title of Hatchback of the Year, and the special Mazda BT-50 Pangolin Edition was recognized with the Love the Planet Award.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

As posted, they don’t want to rebuy a Mazda because they find it really expensive to get it repaired when something goes wrong.

10. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US) LLC

Fiat Chrysler
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Operating under the name Stellantis North America and previously known as Chrysler Corporation, this company stands as one of the “Big Three” automakers in the U.S., with its base in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It’s involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales of a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, and commercial vans. Additionally, it provides automotive service parts and accessories. Its market is primarily in the United States.

Why This Driver Wouldn’t Repurchase This Car? 

This person used to work at a place that sold Chryslers. They saw a lot of brand new Chryslers needing repairs often. That’s why they’ve decided they don’t want to buy one for themselves.

The Bottomline

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Picking the right car is more than shiny features or a smooth test drive. It’s about trusting your hard-earned money with a brand that won’t disappoint you when it counts. Drivers have spoken out about the brands they’ll pass by next time, and their reasons—from reliability hiccups to wallet-draining maintenance costs—speak volumes. So, before you hand over that check, it’s worth listening to the chorus of voices from folks who’ve been there, driven that. After all, the best car for you is one that not only takes you from A to B but also stands the test of time and keeps you coming back for more.

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